Food Truck and Food Vendors: $500

All Other Vendors: $375


What's Included:

  • 10x10 booth space

  • White pop-up tent

  • 8-foot table and two chairs.

***all items and activity must fit in the 10x10 booth space. If you think you will need more than the 10x10 space please let us know, as onsite rearranging is often not possible.***


If you would like to have a booth with electricity, please note that there will be an extra $100 charge for 20 amps, and your booth space will be in a designated area with direct electrical access. Nothing beyond 20 amps is available at this venue, and no generators may be brought onsite. These booths are on a first come, first serve basis via the application. YOU MUST REQUEST ELECTRICITY HERE



Food Vendor
from 500.00
All Other Vendors
from 375.00


All vendors and exhibitors must be valid California tax permit to participate in the Festival. The certificate must be available for inspection during the event. If you are selling any food items, you must have a Food and Health Permit.



Unattended freight in any display space as of one hour prior to expo opening will be removed and stored at the exhibitor’s sole risk and expense. Crates not properly marked or identified may be destroyed.



We do our best to place all vendors strategically within the event so they are not near competing products; however, we cannot always accommodate requests for placement due to time of application submittal and venue space. No vendor receives exclusivity on categories- Sponsorship opportunities may be discussed if exclusivity is desired. Vendors are placed in the order of which applications are received. Corner booths are reserved for sponsors and community partners. 



Please be thorough in listing the items you wish to sell/exhibit at the event. If event management finds you selling items that have not been listed on the application, you will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.



Please arrive within the hours we specify in the load-in packets.  Vendors who arrive late will not be permitted to drive their vehicles in past 10:30am. This is a very strict policy and is enforced by the Los Angeles Fire Department. If you arrive late for any reason and are not able to load in, you will not be issued a refund.



Disclaimer: The undersigned exhibitor on behalf of themselves, their successors and heirs agrees to make no claim for any reason whatsoever against EZ Event Production and its officers, employees, and agents or any person or organization affiliated with the Waffles & Beer Festival 2018 for loss, theft, damage destruction or non-delivery of goods, display material and/or other effects; nor for any injury to himself/herself, or employee or representative while in the show area or on the festival grounds. Exhibits must remain intact and manned for the duration of the festival and be attended at all times. Any guerilla marketing efforts: please note if you choose to forego exhibitors fees and arrive at the event with materials to handout you will be removed immediately and be billed $1,000.

I understand that refunds will not be issued to due to inclement weather, late arrivals, booth placement, or other factors outside the control of EZ Event Production. If you are not happy with any component of the event, please bring these matters to our attention at the start of the event so we may rectify these for you. No refunds will be issued post-event for issues that have not been brought to the attention of event management.

I have read and agree to all the specific terms, conditions, rules and requirement set forth on all pages of the festival application and information sheet. I further realize Beer & Waffles Festival and its duly appointed representatives, agents or affiliates of all liability and responsibility of damages or loss suffered before, during or after the 2018 Festival or as the result of the display of my work, equipment of materials. I understand that there are no refunds or rain checks due to inclement weather or what is deemed unsatisfactory sales performances by my company or representative during the duration of the event. I give my permission to the festival to use my prints for marketing and promotion of the event, and consent to being photographed by the official Festival photographer during the event.